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    About | Techvestor

    Techvestor is a tech enabled real estate investment firm that offers a proprietary platform for passive investment in short-term rental properties. Using its 16-point strategy and software, Techvestor locates, acquires, prepares, and manages properties, including maintenance, design, management, renovations, and more. Techvestor has raised over $60m, owns more than 120+ properties, and is advised by leading players from companies like AirDNA, Realtor.com, and more.


    Launched in 2021, Techvestor has built a multi-million dollar portfolio that includes destinations in the Poconos, Scottsdale, Memphis, Blue Ridge, and several Florida locations. Its proprietary software is a big reason why Techvestor has risen to the top of the short-term rental industry. The system analyzes over 100K properties, 18MM data points, and 250+ select short-term rental markets every month. The ability to conduct extensive research and development allows it to target new markets for expansion.


    Techvestor was co-founded by experienced real estate investors Sief Khafagi and Sabrina Guler. For five years, Sief led engineering recruiting efforts at Facebook, and Sabrina is a former Engineering Project Manager at Apple.