• About | Sief Khafagi

    Sief Khafagi is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and the co-founder and managing principal of Techvestor, a proptech company based in San Francisco, California.


    While earning his degree at San Diego State University, Sief launched his first business, which helped motivated computer science students ace interviews for big tech companies. Eventually, Facebook reached out to Sief, hiring him as a recruiter for the production engineering team, where he increased the pool of top talent more than tenfold.


    Sief eventually returned back to the Facebook office in Los Angeles when he had the idea for another startup company, this time in the real estate field. Sief understood the perks and challenges of the short term rental industry after staying in dozens and dozens of homes during his travels and recruiting efforts. Driven to learn all he could about the industry, he considered the intriguing possibility of scaling short-term rentals as an asset class, an idea yet untapped in the marketplace.


    In 2021, he co-founded Techvestor, one of the first institutional-grade investment platforms for Short Term Rentals, aka Airbnbs. Techvestor helps everyday investors passively invest in Airbnbs that are professionally managed and operated to deliver cash flow, appreciation and tax benefits to investors while serving tens of thousands of guests per year. Their hospitable approach, industry-leading amenities and focus on the guest experience continues to deliver for all parties.

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